April 4, 2014

Cassie (black) has found a permanent home. Monroe (apricot) is in a foster home where he is doing very well but he's still looking for a permanent home. This from his foster mom: 

He is a delightful little dog.  He obeys, comes when he's called, is easy to bathe (I gave him a bath today, and he was wonderful!), has lots of stamina and walks distances, lets me brush his teeth, goes into a crate without balking, etc., etc.  All in all, he's a wonderful little guy.   He will make someone the perfect pet.  I think an older person like myself would be the best.  I live a quiet existence and he fits right in.  He would love to just be loved and cuddled.  Everyone who has met him thinks he's adorable.

This little guy is Pierre. He is also about 8 years old. Pierre has a flea allergy that causes him to itch like crazy and lose patches of hair. Without fleas, Pierre is a happy boy. He would be very happy to have a lap to sit on and should probably avoid walks in the park and trips to places where he might pick up fleas. 


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We really need some foster homes. We are very limited in the number of poodles we can take in as we have no foster homes right now and have to rely on a club member with a boarding kennel to keep them for us. It's extremely generous of her to do this but, of course, a kennel is not the ideal situation and makes it more difficult to assess the dogs and see how they behave in a home situation. If you think you'd be able to volunteer as a foster parent, please contact us.

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